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MCG Team - Michael Weber
Michael Weber


MCG Team - Matthew Meyer
Matthew Meyer

Head of USA

MCG Team - Harald Fricke
Harald Fricke

Chief Medical Officer


MCG Team - Hartmut Voss
Hartmut Voss

Project Management

MCG Team - Tim Rochels
Tim Rochels

Design Thinking

MCG Team - Thomas Ertelt
Thomas Ertelt

Algorithms & Diagnostic

MCG Team - Ilja Solomonovs
Ilja Solomonovs

Consumer Markets

MCG Team - Juliana Klein
Juliana Klein

Quality Management & Applied Development

Supervisory Board

MCG Team - Jens Poll
Jens Poll
MCG Team - Anton Gueth
Anton Gueth
MCG Team - Arndt Rolfs
Arndt Rolfs
MCG Team - Catalin Voss
Catalin Voss